Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is BooksPrice and how can it be used?
  2. Getting started
  3. Finding the title in which you are interested
  4. Searching for Prices
  5. Finding Several ISBNs together
  6. What is Multiple Book Comparison?
  7. How does it work?
  8. The stores
  9. Buying the book you want
  10. Do you always find the cheapest price of any book?
  11. I did not find the answer to my question


What is BooksPrice and how can it be used?
BooksPrice is a free-of-charge website that enables users to search for the best deals as related to prices of books, CDs, DVDs and other products offered by thousands of stores across the Web. BooksPrice specializes in conducting comparisons of multiple books, CDs and DVDs as part of one single search. BooksPrice is an independent website that is not owned or controlled to any extent by any other business entities. Therefore, all search results are completely objective.

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Getting started
BooksPrice is designed to be extremely user-friendly. In order to find the best bargain for you, there are only two easy steps to complete: (1) find the title of the book, CD or DVD in which you are interested, and (2) conduct a search on our website.


Finding the title in which you are interested
You can search for books, CDs or DVDs by title, author, artist and/or ISBN. Use the website search engine by entering the pertinent information in the “search” field that is located on the Home Page or at the top of other pages.


Searching for Prices
Once you have found a book, CD or DVD you are interested in, simply click the 'Compare Price' button. BooksPrice will run a price comparison and then display a list of stores that offer to sell the book, CD or DVD, together with prices, stock information, delivery costs, and other information. The total price shown includes delivery charges, if any. Please keep in mind that, at times, certain websites or stores may fail to provide the necessary information to BooksPrice in a timely manner. As a result, a store may be excluded from the list even though such store may otherwise offer to sell the product in which you are interested.


Finding Several ISBNs together
For finding several isbns together enter them with space between to the search box: 0743272234 0385517238
You can add up to 10 ISBNs together


What is Multiple Book Comparison
BooksPrice enables finding the best overall price for several books together. The results are shown in 3 ways: (1) The best 'new books' store combination. (2) The best new and used books store combination. (3) The cheapest store on the total purchase.
When doing this type of search we do our best effort in order to find the best price combination. We apply a reasonable algorithm to find these combinations, but we do not check each and every combination. Usually we will be able to find good combinations that will save you money using this logic, but we cannot guarantee to process all the possible combinations.


How does it work?
We search for books on several book stores in parallel. Using this method we have access to a very rich catalog.
When the book that you want is found, and you press on the compare price button, we perform search for prices, to find the best price of the book. Using advanced technology, we can search for results in a matter of seconds. Prices might be stored in our cache for up to a day, reducing load on online bookstores for popular titles.
Sometimes bookshops take too long reply to bookPrice and so even though they might have the book are not shown.


The stores
These are the stores that we search in:  |  |  wordery  |  Amazon MarketPlace  |  Amazon  |  |  |   | JeannieMay | IEShop | Footprint Press | B&N BookQuest | Marketplace | Marketplace | Alibris Market


Buying the book you want
Once you have decided which shop you want to buy from simply click on the shop name and you'll be taken to their site, and wherever possible directly to the page with your book on it. From there follow the shops buying instructions.
Please note: Although we update our prices on a constant base, prices shown here may not reflect the current price at a particular store. Be sure to check both price and availability when viewing the product at the store.


Do you always find the cheapest price of any book?
We always do our best effort to find the best price. However, we cannot guarantee always to find it. When you perform a price comparison on, our server goes out to each of the stores listed by us, and checks their prices in real time. However, there are many reasons that can cause a store to be excluded from a comparison, among them:

Most of these issues are only temporary, and are resolved automatically when the above problems are resolved, so you can always check again for the price to find out other results. Prices are stored for up to a day, reducing load on online bookstores for popular titles.


I did not find the answer to my question
Please do not hesitate to contact us info at